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What is the difference between fuel cell portable power supply and traditional power supply?
GB体育/12/23 21:22:30
Fuel cell portable power supply It can greatly increase the power supply time and ensure good portability. It can help users to carry out important tasks in field investigation, emergency rescue and disaster protection for a long time without worrying about the problem of insufficient power supply of electronic equipment. Therefore, portable fuel cell power supply, which is portable and can supply power for a long time, represents the development direction of mobile power supply in the future, and can effectively solve the power supply problem of mobile electronic products.

The traditional power supply is limited by the technical characteristics, for customers who have ultra long continuous power supply demand, and are very sensitive to weight and noise, it has become inadequate. The portable power supply of fuel cell integrates the advantages of long-term uninterrupted operation of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with the advantages of high energy density of sodium borohydride, safety, non-toxic and easy to carry. Compared with the traditional mobile power supply, the portable power supply of fuel cell has incomparable advantages in the power range of 20-200w

1、High energy density: the energy density is 2-3 times that of traditional lithium-ion batteries. The fuel cell portable power supply with the same power is only 1 / 2-1 / 3 of the weight of the lithium battery, which is convenient for users to carry.

2、Uninterrupted power supply: as long as the continuous supply of fuel can be continuous power generation, even if the replacement of the fuel box will not interrupt the power supply.

3、Mute design: the working noise does not exceed 40dB, lower than the ambient background noise. Even silent diesel generators are hard to match.

4、Safety: sodium borohydride is a safe and nontoxic substance. It will neither burn nor do harm to human body, and there is no danger of combustion and explosion such as lithium battery.

5、Environmental protection: water as the only discharge has no impact on the environment. Sodium metaborate, a byproduct of hydrogen production, can also be degraded in the natural environment.

However, it is worth mentioning that this kind of fuel cell has been banned for the first time in China and the United States.